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Raisins de Mort

Grapes Of Death - 1978 - 6/10
AKA - Les raisins de la Mort

Sour grapes, in this case, tainted by pesticides, turn a village into murderous fiends.
Not zombies, as often referenced.
Being a Jean Rollin film, there are beautiful and imaginative visuals, and a sleepy tempo.
One female, trying to make her way to her boyfriend’s vineyard runs the obstacle course.
Rural wastelands and a small village are the main settings after she flees a train.
The afflicted stagger at times, only to bolt into action.
Gore is minimal.
Rollin's films are often suffused with a dreamlike atmosphere and this is no exception.
The girl is so preoccupied with running, bouncing from one trap into another, she has no time to reflect or analyze the situation.
Good late night film when you may not want explosions, gunfire, nonstop shouting.

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mort, raisins

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