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Topic Nominated Ruinenlust and Weird Fiction

On my blog, Confusio Linguarum, I am planning to devote a series of posts to the theme of Ruinenlust - the feeling of being irresistibly drawn to crumbling buildings and abandoned places. The first two of them will serve as a short introduction to Ruinenlust, whilst the rest will deal with the presence of the emotion in some works of weird fiction, starting from the early Gothics up to modern masterpieces of the genre.
This will be posted in the form of a compilation of quotes, photos and videos related to the subject in question. I hope you enjoy it!

confusio linguarum: Ruinenlust: An Introduction #1

"In my imagination, I have a small apartment in a small town where I live alone and gaze through a window at a wintry landscape." -- TL
Confusio Linguarum - visionary literature, translingualism & bibliophily
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fiction, ruinenlust, weird

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