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The Mystery Movie

So, over the past few year I have found myself thinking more and more about a film I caught glimpses of as a child, which thoroughly frightened me at the time, but which since, despite my best efforts, I have never been able to identify. While growing up in southern California, sometime between 1992 and 1995, I walked in on my parents watching a movie concerning an adolescent girl trying to protect a younger sibling, I want to say brother, from supernatural or otherworldly forces after moving into a new house or otherwise attracting their attention; it has since reminded me somewhat of a horror version of Labyrinth, albeit one with the muppets, music, and codpiece-sporting rockstars replaced with an atmosphere of latin american folk-catholicism (I believe the cast was hispanic). What struck me as I watched and has always remained in mind was an odd religious tone; at one point the main girl traveled back in time or had visions of the atrocities of the past - I seem to recall crucifixions, and scenes from the Spanish Inquisition and/or the crusades. Satanic forces were also apparently involved; the only image from the film I can recall specifically is that of the girl, as she looks down into a handmirror on top of her desk and instead of her reflection seeing a demonic face, grey and dessicated, staring back out at her. A vision of herself as a corpse, perhaps? Anyway, that's all I can piece together, and I apologize for being so vague - I don't even know if the film in question was made for tv, or a Mexican production or what - as stated all my past searches have been for naught, but this thing has haunted me for almost two decades now, so I figured I'd throw it out there on the chance someone else might ever have encountered or been traumatized by this mysterious little film, and shed some light on whatever dark secrets it may possess. . .
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Re: The Mystery Movie

I'm afraid I can't be of any help, ChildofOldLeech. But I like this thread. I am going to wait a while and then post a similar traumatic childhood movie experience. I have also searched to no avail. I would love to find the movie, watch it again, and exorcise this demon once and for all.
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movie, mystery

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