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Zeitgeist-The Movie-

here's what wikipedia says about this film:

Zeitgeist, the Movie is a
2007_in_film 2007_in_film
Documentary_film Documentary_film
, produced by Peter Joseph about the
Jesus_myth_hypothesis Jesus_myth_hypothesis
, the attacks of 9/11, and the
Federal_Reserve_Bank Federal_Reserve_Bank
as well as a number of
Conspiracy_theories Conspiracy_theories
related to those three main topics.[3] It was released free online via
Google_Video Google_Video
in June of 2007.[4] A remastered version was presented as a global premiere on November 10, 2007 at the 4th Annual Artivist Film Festival & Artivist Awards.[5]


[edit] History of the film

Zeitgeist was first released on June 26, 2007 and topped the Google video charts[6] The film was distributed officially via
Google_Video Google_Video
and BitTorrent, both freely accessible. The film was translated into Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, and Swedish. Zeitgeist won the top award of Best Feature Documentary/
Artivist Artivist
Spirit at the 4th Annual Artivists Awards in 2008 in Hollywood, CA.[7]

[edit] Structure

A still from the introduction

The film starts with a speech by Chögyam Trungpa about spirituality, followed by a series of musically synchronized clips of
War War
and explosions culminating with one of the towers of
World_Trade_Center World_Trade_Center
collapsing during 9/11. The mood then changes and in contrast there follows a sequence of clips showing the horrors of war. There is a short clip that shows a hand writing "1 + 1 = 2" (representing logic), but is brushed away by another hand before the first finishes, and is replaced by a bible (representing religion) and an American flag (representing patriotic behaviour). After a few more war clips, the film then quotes
Jordan_Maxwell Jordan_Maxwell
's Inner World of the Occult, criticizing religious institutions, governments, and the
Banks Banks
Cartel Cartel
who "have misled [the people] away from the true and divine presence in the universe." This portion ends with more images accompanied by audio of a portion of a
George_Carlin George_Carlin
monologue on religion.

[edit] Part I: The Greatest Story Ever Told

Horus Horus
left and
Jesus Jesus

Part I evaluates the
The_Bible_and_history The_Bible_and_history
. In furtherance of the
Jesus_myth_hypothesis Jesus_myth_hypothesis
, this part argues that the
Historical_Jesus Historical_Jesus
is a literary and astrological hybrid,[8] and that the Bible is based on astrological principles documented by many ancient civilizations, especially pertaining to the movement of the sun through the sky and stars. The film explains how and why early civilizations personified the
Sun Sun
as the "representative of the unseen
Creator Creator
God God
" and how stars were linked into
Constellations Constellations
, the 12 constellations being a place of travel for "God's Sun" and representing "elements of nature that happened during that period of time." This section is also used by the film to show the Pagan origins of the symbol of the Cross.
Horus Horus
, the Ancient Egyptian Sun God, is introduced as having a number of attributes in common with
Jesus Jesus
. For instance, the movie claims that Horus was born of a virgin mother, his arrival was proclaimed by a star in the east and upon his birth he was adored by three kings. He was a child teacher at 12, was baptized at 30, traveled with 12 disciples and performed acts such as healing the sick and walking on water. The relationship between Horus and Set is also discussed. The movie describes this conflict (dark vs. light or good vs. evil) as "one of the most ubiquitous mythological dualities ever known and it's still expressed at many levels at this day."
According to the movie, religion and myths in general are used to manipulate people and maintain established social structures.
“ Christianity, along with all other theistic belief systems [...] empowers those who know the truth, but use the myth to manipulate and control societies. The religious myth is the most powerful device ever created, and serves as the psychological soil upon which other myths can flourish. ”
[edit] Part II: All the World's a Stage

9/11 attacks

Part II of the documentary claims 9/11 was engineered to generate mass fear, justify going to war with Afghanistan and Iraq, to remove civil liberties from the general public, and to make more money for the people in power. These theories include that the United States was warned about the impending September 11, 2001 attacks, that
North_American_Aerospace_Defense_Command North_American_Aerospace_Defense_Command
allowed the planes to reach their targets, and that the
World_Trade_Center World_Trade_Center
buildings underwent a
Controlled_demolition_hypothesis_for_the_collapse_of_the_World_Trade_Center Controlled_demolition_hypothesis_for_the_collapse_of_the_World_Trade_Center
. The film also explores the theory that six of the named hijackers are still alive, that
Hani_Hanjour Hani_Hanjour
could not have flown
Flight_77 Flight_77
The_Pentagon The_Pentagon
, that the
Bush_Administration Bush_Administration
covered up the truth in the 9/11 Commission Report, and that the mainstream media has failed to ask important questions about the official account.

[edit] Part III: Don't Mind the Men Behind the Curtain

Federal_Reserve Federal_Reserve

According to Part III, powerful bankers have been conspiring for world domination and increased power while the rich of society have been using their wealth to increase financial panic and foster a consolidation of independent competing banks. The film details the Theory of Electronic Conspiracy and claims that the
Federal_Reserve_System Federal_Reserve_System
, the
Central_bank Central_bank
of the
United_States United_States
, was created in order to steal the wealth of the nation. It explores war profiteering by banking cartels and defense and military contractors. It describes the goal of these bankers as world power over a controllable public.[9]
This section also explores the possibility that there is a clandestine movement, promoted by the
Security_and_Prosperity_Partnership_of_North_America Security_and_Prosperity_Partnership_of_North_America
, to usurp the
American_constitution American_constitution
US_dollar US_dollar
, by merging the
United_States United_States
Canada Canada
Mexico Mexico
into a
North_American_Union North_American_Union
that uses a single currency, the
Amero Amero
, without the ratification of Congress. This currency union would create a super-state similar to the
European_Union European_Union
, which together with the
African_Union African_Union
and the proposed
Asian_Union Asian_Union
would gradually be merged into a One World government. The movie concludes that under such a government, every human could be implanted with a RFID microchip which will be used to monitor individuals and suppress dissent. It also claims that the
Internal_Revenue_Service Internal_Revenue_Service
and the U.S.
Tax_protester_constitutional_arguments Tax_protester_constitutional_arguments
and there are
Tax_protester_statutory_arguments Tax_protester_statutory_arguments
. The movie ends, however, on an optimistic note, expressing confidence in the possibility of overthrowing oppressive forces and the ultimate triumph of revolution.

[edit] Criticisms

In addition to attracting significant public interest,[8] it has been criticized for relying too heavily on
Anecdotal_evidence Anecdotal_evidence
,[10] and for using unidentified, undated, and unsourced video news clips, voice-overs, quotes, and book citations without page numbers.[11][12][13] In a piece entitled Internet idiocy: the latest pandemic, the
Arizona_Daily_Wildcat Arizona_Daily_Wildcat
refers to the film as "internet bull####" saying that "witty sayings, fear tactics and a cool, assertive air all enable them to convince the unwitting public of their points".[14] The
Irish_Times Irish_Times
called it "unhinged" and accused it of offering nothing but "surreal perversions of genuine issues and debates."[8]
Jordyn Marcellus of The Gauntlet felt it was ironic that the film's viewers "have blindly followed the documentary without doing their own research." He states that, though the film is "well-edited and is truly compelling", it "glosses over inconvenient facts," uses "deceptive filmmaking" and that "for a film that rails against deception, there's a lot of deception implicit in its creation."[13]
On March 10 2008, director Peter Joseph removed the "Clarifications" section from the film's official site, which The Gauntlet believed "alluded to dishonest filmmaking tactics that would otherwise help to discredit the film." It was replaced by a "Q&A Section". The new section responds to the film's critics stating that "All Part 1 'debunkers' do one or more of the following: (1) They attack/marginalize the messengers. (2) They do no real research. (3) They blindly ask 'Where are the 'Primary Sources'?' (4) They projected their own subjective interpretation of a piece of information by using 'semantic manipulation'"[13]

(Dictated while taking a stroll) I have come to realizewhat a superbly contrived marionette man is. Though without strings attached, one can strut, jump, hop and, moreover, utter words, an elaborately made puppet! Who knows? At the Bon season next year, I may be a new dead invited to the Bon festival. What an evanescent world! This truth keeps slipping off our minds.

- Tsunetomo Yamamoto, The Hagakure
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Re: Zeitgeist-The Movie-

I've seen Zeitgeist, and this was my reaction:
Part 1: Sweet. This is pretty cool
Part 2: 9/11 Conspiracy Tin Foil part...skip
Part 3: This is getting rather ridiculous, but I can't help this overwhelming sense of defeat and paranoia

it really strikes a chord in people. they have some pretty staunch opinions on the film.

there is no stronger drug than reality

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movie, zeitgeistthe

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