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T.E. Grau
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Re: Ligotti Panel at StokerCon

Nicole covered it pretty well. I might be putting together a quick recap for my website, depending on how my schedule plays out over the next week.

Briefly, and reinforcing what Nicole wrote below, it was a fantastic panel, with a great balance of perspectives. The crowd was larger than I thought possible, considering that the interview and then signing with George R.R. Martin drew most of the energy for a good 4-5 hours on Saturday.

What struck me most was the older gentleman sitting in the front row, who expressed right before the panel ended that he had never read Ligotti, and was now convinced that he was worth a look. That was quite satisfying.

Also, a 16 year old kid and aspiring writer who was at the panel picked up a copy of my collection. I was happier that he sat in on an hour of discussion devoted to Thomas Ligotti, to be honest. Start 'em young!

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Re: Ligotti Panel at StokerCon

Get them before they breed.

'I believe in what the Germans term Ehrfurcht: reverence for things one cannot understand.'
― Robert Aickman, An Essay
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