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Sleep 2
Sleep 2
Published by DarkView
Sleep 2

...Dragged like a screaming hog through the mud to the butcher's block...

It is pointless to attempt a guess at the date. I had the sensation of falling through darkness but as if in a dream, far away and impotent like watching a suicide. The green glow is gone now and has been replaced by the light coming from a moon that is too close and grotesquely shaped to be the one I remember. Its light contains small translucent, formless things that move about in a chaotic dance.
The ground has lost that strange fleshly sensation and there are no distinguishing features in the flat landscape as far as I can see, except for a giant blob far to the right. What seems to be massive spires or towers rise above the rest of the hazy mass. Though I hesitate to meet any being here, it seems deserted and no lights can be seen.
Lunatic perspective! As I drew closer the mass shrunk smaller. Now it is at my feet, a demon's lillipution doll house, enigmatically designed and taunting me. A rage seized me and I smashed it into a dusty pile with my foot. Honeycombed throughout its insides were small holes, as if some malign species of termite had been at work. When I lifted my head there were more of these same spired masses at various distances that appeared where none were before. The one at my feet began to reform itself, being put together by invisible hands. I backed away from it as the ground began to vibrate, and broke into a run feeling something at my back.
I fell into a shallow fissure, temporarily unconscious. When I crawled out I saw that misshapen moon slide quickly to the right and curve down below the horizon. Then, shooting down, comet-like, entered the sun, dark red and baleful. I saw now that it was not desert sand, but a dead grey soil on the ground, and rolling hills and fields that surrounded me out of which nothing grew.
Here I stop. I feel no hunger or thirst and I must walk eternally. Adieu to all and everything I knew.
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By Mr. Veech on 11-27-2016
Re: Sleep 2

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