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Re: Antinatalism- The Greatest Taboo

Just to add my thoughts as someone new to this debate, I would like to say that so far, I see antinatalism as a form of humanism. My logic is as follows: humans create other humans, assuming that a divine creator is not responsible for each individual's creation. Therefore, it is humanity that perpetuates itself, and thus parents are responsible for bringing a person into existence without the consent of this person. Thus, we exist, for better or for worse, against our consent in the beginning. As human existence can be seen as bad or good, I see antinatalism arguing that parents should consider their worldview before having children, or choose not to have children at all. I see this philosophy as having something to offer for everyone, not just the small multitude I see debating it. It's message, to everyone, is this: if you believe that existence is a boon to all, or that any child you bring into the world will ultimately decide that life is worth living, you should have the right to procreate. However, if you disagree with either of those scenarios, you should not procreate, and especially not because you believe that is "your purpose". What I do not see in this philosophy is an ultimate argument that proves, deductively, why humans should not reproduce. It sounds right to me, and fulfills parts of my experience that argue against my existence, but I cannot see empirical evidence to state that existence is "all good", "all bad", or even a numerical in-between. No matter how convincing the argument, all antinatalists I hear arguing their point seem to make crucial assumptions that must be accepted before the rest can continue. How do you prove that existence is bad? How do you prove that there is more suffering in the world than pleasure? How do you prove that what we call "suffering" is bad and not part of life? In closing, I agree that there is no consent on the part of those who do not exist, and thus we need to keep that in mind always. However, I am on the fence on how universal this philosophy should be, and what steps antinatalists plan on taking to spread this philosophy and defend its pertinence to humanity worldwide.
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Re: Antinatalism- The Greatest Taboo


This thread keeps showing up in my New Posts feed and it looks like there hasn't been any new posts in over a week. It also appears to be stuck on page 7. When I click on the "next page" arrow, it brings me back to page 7.
Is this happening to anyone else? For some reason it is only this thread.

p.s. Now that I've hit the submit button, I'mm on page 8.
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antinatalism, greatest, taboo
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