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Quote Originally Posted by gveranon View Post
Bierce and Mencken are still read long after their deaths because they were, at their best, epigrammatic artists of invective. Joshi, at his best, has a flair for invective, but he isn't in their league. That matters. Often he merely comes across as a critic whose judgment has been unhorsed by his flailing rhetoric. It isn't worth it.
Such a critical point. I agree with Evans's observation that as poison pen criticism has as its corollary contempt for the object of criticism, it can all too easily result in strawmanning. However in Mencken's case, I find that he rarely sacrifices the validity of the criticism for the sake of the style of writing. Whereas in Joshi's case, his online rants have repeatedly sacrificed rational analysis and factual integrity in the name of stylistic effect.

Now, I hope that he is doing this knowingly. Personally, I view that kind of behavior as a deep character flaw, but, you know... to each his own. Unfortunately, it appears more and more to approach frothing irrationality, and drift further away from plain old sloppy meanness.
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The kindle version of Occultation is temporarily on sale for 1.99

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