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View Poll Results: Are You A Vegetarian?
Yes, I am a vegetarian. 13 31.71%
No, I am not a vegetarian. 25 60.98%
Other. 3 7.32%
Voters: 41. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 07-17-2014   #11
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Re: Are You A Vegetarian?

My old Teacher used to make roast beef sandwiches so rare the bread turned red. Think of employing way too much ketchup. I ate them.
Gurdjieff used to point out that in the end we are all eaten (by the earth). If an animal was raised humanely it could be eaten without guilt.
When I was younger I disliked hunting. These days not so much. If everyone had to hunt for their meat, animals would only benefit. No merciless overcrowding or wild panic at the slaughter house. With today’s powerful rifles and scopes even lousy shots are pretty good shots. For an animal to escape the horror of being bred for food in captivity, enjoy life in the Wild instead and finally die in the wink of an eye sounds like a better deal to me. Also some animals (esp. bears) suffer terribly from natural disease and infection as they grow older, not to mention being unfit to compete against younger animals for food.
I draw the line at bow and arrow hunting. As far as I’m concerned that’s barbaric for any modern society.
And it should go without saying that I regard 'Big Game Hunting' as an obscenity.

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Old 11-09-2016   #12
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Re: Are You A Vegetarian?

I don't even know how I found this thread but I am a strict vegan and I think it's important enough for me to bump this thread. I'm no saint or activist, and I can't stand modern veganism (different discussion) but I genuinely wish people would choose to become more conscientious about the way they treat their fellow sentient friends. It's a very sad and deplorable state in which we frame feeling, thinking beings outside of ourselves.

My co-workers invited me out to dinner last Wednesday and it really bothered me how selfish, personal desire seems to come before gentle compassion and empathy for others. Torturing a sentient creature to the point of death because " I can't live without my meat" isn't excusable. It's malicious, evil, cruel and downright wrong. The modern industrial agricultural system is absolutely horrific, and ignorance is not an excuse. Hunting is definitely more humane, but there is still a better way. It simply isn't necessary.

I grew up on a 200 acre farm dedicated to the raising of polled shorthorn cattle for show and slaughter. I used to show them at the local fair, hitting them with a pronged metal rod at precise moments to do my bidding and eventually sending them all to slaughter once they grew too old for anyone to actually care about their aesthetic qualities. I ultimately never gave a #### about what i was doing, until this little heifer named Star was born and somehow managed to attach herself to me. I could never bring myself to show her. She always recognized me and was always kind, gentle and accommodating to my presence, and she would let me sit on her and do whatever kinds of silly childish things children do. I don't know what ultimately happened to her, but it wasn't good. I remember visiting her after several years away, and she was in a situation where her life wasn't of any value to the system. I can only imagine her fate, and it really makes me sad and angry.

I've had about 5 beers too many, so I know I'll cringe at this tomorrow. It is what it is ,though. Veganism isn't hard, it just requires pretty drastic change and discipline, two qualities humans seem to have zero interest in.
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Mr. Veech
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Re: Are You A Vegetarian?

@ Cnev

Don't worry about alcohol inspired posts. Most of us have been there. I'm a little tipsy myself at the moment.

EDIT: Ironically, I was responsible for a tasteless post regarding a certain recent event. I was, needless to say, quite drunk. I'm glad it was promptly removed.

"In a less scientific age, he would have been a devil-worshipper, a partaker in the abominations of the Black Mass; or would have given himself to the study and practice of sorcery. His was a religious soul that had failed to find good in the scheme of things; and lacking it, was impelled to make of evil itself an object of secret reverence."

~ Clark Ashton Smith, "The Devotee of Evil"

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