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Glimpses From A Persecuted Gnostic Text
Glimpses From A Persecuted Gnostic Text
Published by Druidic
Glimpses From A Persecuted Gnostic Text

Glimpses from a Persecuted Gnostic Text

...Wretched are the poor, for they shall never inherit the earth.

Blessed are the scum of earth and the violent of heart; for they shall inherit the treasures of earth and defile them joyously; and their season shall be long.

Blessed are the meek whose suffering will be short but decisive...

...Ruthless are the Kings of Sheol who rule on earth and rob like thieves in the night; but take comfort and know the suffering of the just and innocent must end when an honest man passes through the eye of a needle.

...And, verily, the End Time is at hand when the ground quakes and trembles; and the elder signs are upon the land; and mighty To-Lulu emerges from the fishy depths, ravening in delight, making the racing Horsemen quake in their divine mission of Carnage...

...Now, I say unto you, no sooner had I opened my eyes, then I cursed the sun and its arrogance; I cursed the birds of the sky that regarded me as an unclean thing, not worthy of their beaks; I cursed the grinning earth that had vomited me up from the blessed Darkness...I cursed the Good Samaritans who offered me food I did not need and could not eat...Verily, I trod mocking roads and cursed my feet FOR MY BUNIONS HURT...
And I cursed Paul who called me "a drama queen." What in Gahanna does that even mean?
---from the unexpurgated Gospel According to Lazarus

This was suggested by Borges' own imaginary Gospel; and like Borges I decided to play the magpie: There's a phrase by Lovecraft, a sentence by Ligotti, an anachronism and God knows what else. If you're bored enough, you'll find them all.
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