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Some Nights Are Darker
Some Nights Are Darker
Published by Druidic
Some Nights Are Darker

Leaves skitter and swirl across a road,
Rippling waves on a highway.
The auburn death
Is upon us again.
Fields now silent, quiet w/ exhaustion
Where rotting pumpkins and full moons
Grin madly on animals
Before Dark Winter's onslaught.

In this orange and brown season,
I hear the winds rustle and keen!
Oh, how they cry! How they sigh!
How they play willing wicked accomplices,
Masking the low rusty chuckling
Of old scarecrows swaying in barren fields
Dreaming what the Night will bring
9 Thanks From:
jonpi (09-21-2017), miguel1984 (09-20-2017), mongoose (09-20-2017), Mr. Veech (09-21-2017), Nemonymous (09-20-2017), Pan Michael (09-20-2017), Patrick G.P (09-20-2017), ToALonelyPeace (09-25-2017), Zaharoff (09-20-2017)


darker, nights

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