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The Nightmare Factory [Carroll & Graf]
The Nightmare Factory [Carroll & Graf]
Published by Dr. Bantham
The Nightmare Factory [Carroll & Graf]

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The Nightmare Factory [Carroll & Graf] 
Publisher: Carroll & Graf
Publication Date: June 1996
Format: Trade Paperback
Cover Price: $13.95 USD
Cover Artist:  
Country: USA
Language: English
Pages: 552
Size: 8x5x1.8 inches
ISBN-10: 0786703024
ISBN-13: 978-0786703029
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The Nightmare Factory [Carroll & Graf] 

ForewordPoppy Z. Briteix2
Introduction: The Consolations of HorrorThomas Ligottixi11
Part 1: from Songs of a Dead Dreamer 12
The FrolicThomas Ligotti313
Les FleursThomas Ligotti167
Alice's Last AdventureThomas Ligotti2316
Dream of a MannikinThomas Ligotti3913
The ChymistThomas Ligotti5210
Drink to Me Only with Labyrinthine EyesThomas Ligotti629
Eye of the LynxThomas Ligotti718
The Christmas Eves of Aunt EliseThomas Ligotti798
The Lost Art of TwilightThomas Ligotti8726
The Troubles of Dr. ThossThomas Ligotti10311
Masquerade of a Dead SwordThomas Ligotti11418
Dr. Voke and Mr. VeechThomas Ligotti1329
Dr. Locrian's AsylumThomas Ligotti1419
The Sect of the IdiotThomas Ligotti1509
The Greater Festival of MasksThomas Ligotti1597
The Music of the MoonThomas Ligotti1667
The Journal of J. P. DrapeauThomas Ligotti1736
VastarienThomas Ligotti17913
Part 2: Grimscribe 1923
The Last Feast of HarlequinThomas Ligotti19534
The Spectacles in the DrawerThomas Ligotti22911
Flowers of the AbyssThomas Ligotti2407
NethescurialThomas Ligotti24713
The Dreaming in NortownThomas Ligotti26020
The Mystics of MuelenburgThomas Ligotti2807
In the Shadow of Another WorldThomas Ligotti28712
The CocoonsThomas Ligotti2999
The Night SchoolThomas Ligotti30810
The GlamourThomas Ligotti3189
The Library of ByzantiumThomas Ligotti32712
Miss PlarrThomas Ligotti3399
The Shadow at the Bottom of the WorldThomas Ligotti3488
Part 3: from Noctuary 3572
The MedusaThomas Ligotti35918
Conversations in a Dead LanguageThomas Ligotti37712
The Prodigy of DreamsThomas Ligotti38910
Mrs. Rinaldi's AngelThomas Ligotti39910
The TsalalThomas Ligotti40927
Mad Night of AtonementThomas Ligotti43613
The Strange Designs of Master RignoloThomas Ligotti44910
The Voice in the BonesThomas Ligotti4598
Part 4: Teatro Grottesco and Other Tales 4672
Teatro GrottescoThomas Ligotti46917
SeveriniThomas Ligotti48612
Gas Station CarnivalsThomas Ligotti49816
The Bungalow HouseThomas Ligotti51419
The Clown PuppetThomas Ligotti5339
The Red TowerThomas Ligotti5429

Thomas Ligotti, in his own words, writes of "a world that both surpasses and menaces this one." He is the contemporary master of the "weird tale," and yet his style is so intellectually intriguing, he has as much in common with Borges and Kafka as with Lovecraft and Machen. If you haven't discovered Ligotti yet, this edition is a great opportunity to do so: it collects all 39 stories from previous collections, plus 6 new ones--also, a forward by Poppy Z. Brite, and an introduction by Ligotti on "What are the consolations of horror?"

From Booklist
In this stout volume, Ligotti offers American readers selections from three previous collections not readily available in the U.S. and, in a concluding section, some entirely new pieces. Very little seems to be known about Ligotti, but to judge from his stories, he is well traveled, has a superb command of setting and tone as well as of the English language, and is strongly biased toward the darker end of the fantasy spectrum. He also exhibits admirable economy of words, for more than 50 of his stories fit between the covers of this book. If there is very little here that will slake the lover of vast, sprawling horror novels, connoisseurs of literary skill who are willing to be frightened will find the book a feast, albeit one best consumed in small helpings.
Roland Green

From Kirkus Reviews
A large and generally very impressive gathering of imaginative and stylish horror fiction, adding several new stories to those culled from Ligotti's previous collections Songs of a Dead Dreamer (1990), Grimscribe (1991), and Noctuary (1993). Poe and Lovecraft are the obvious influences in these richly atmospheric (and often funny) tales of introversion blossoming into obsession, and of antiquarian scholars unwisely uncovering things that really ought to have been buried. Ligotti's prefatory essay on ``The Consolations of Horror'' broods wittily about the kind of person who enjoys this sort of thing, advising helpfully that, in reading such material, ``for a little while we can pretend to stare the very worst right in the rotting face.'' Of the new stories, ``Teatro Grottesco'' and ``Severini'' portray with perhaps excessive flamboyance the neurotic sources and feverish aftermath of artistic creation. Both ``The Clown Puppet,'' whose absurdly menacing title figure memorably objectifies its narrator's ``nonsensical'' existence, and ``The Red Tower,'' about an abandoned factory whose unspeakable products are surreptitiously still being sent out into the unsuspecting world, show Ligotti doing what he does best: Turning the abstract matter of our unguarded dreaming moments into vivid and compelling nightmares.
Copyright 1996, Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved.


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