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Grimscribe: His Lives and Works [Carroll & Graf]
Grimscribe: His Lives and Works [Carroll & Graf]
Published by Dr. Bantham
Topic Nominated Grimscribe: His Lives and Works [Carroll & Graf]

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Grimscribe: His Lives and Works [Carroll & Graf] 
Publisher: Carroll & Graf
Publication Date: December 1991
Format: Hardcover
Cover Price:  
Cover Artist:  
Country: USA
Language: English
Pages: 214
Size: 9.8x6.5x1 inches
ISBN-10: 0881847399
ISBN-13: 978-0881847390
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Grimscribe: His Lives and Works [Carroll & Graf] 

Printing Notes
[Note: the entire contents of Grimscribe, save for the introduction, are reprinted (without section divisions) in The Night Factory. Also, L.W. Currey's Catalog 110 (Summer 1997) offered for sale a proof copy of the Robinson edition of Grimscribe, which "includes a story, "Mrs. Rinaldi's Angel", dropped from the published version of the book, and replaced with two stories, "The Night School" and "The Glamour"."]

IntroductionThomas Ligotti  
The Voice of the Damned   
The Last Feast of HarlequinThomas Ligotti  
The Spectacles in the DrawerThomas Ligotti  
Flowers of the AbyssThomas Ligotti  
NethescurialThomas Ligotti  
The Voice of the Demon   
The Dreaming in NortownThomas Ligotti  
The Mystics of MuelenburgThomas Ligotti  
In the Shadow of Another WorldThomas Ligotti  
The CocoonsThomas Ligotti  
The Voice of the Dreamer   
The Night SchoolThomas Ligotti  
The GlamourThomas Ligotti  
The Voice of the Child   
The Library of ByzantiumThomas Ligotti  
Miss PlarrThomas Ligotti  
The Voice of Our Name   
The Shadow at the Bottom of the WorldThomas Ligotti  

From Publishers Weekly
The eponymous first-person narrator of this chilling collection assumes many different guises in spinning his eerie tales, but the voice in each of the 12 stories remains the same, a voice "always speaking of terrible secrets." Witness, participant, victim, Grimscribe is, above all, our guide through a landscape at once relentlessly dark and luminously revealing, where a "brood of dark forms" push "through the fog" and "dark bricks that bulge like tumors" appear "on the facades of houses." Prisoners of this bleak but fascinating world include a mild-mannered village schoolteacher sent in "Flowers of the Abyss" to discover the awful truth behind a house in which an entire family perished horribly; in "The Cocoons" we encounter a man trapped in a unique doctor/patient relationship who finds the treatment infinitely more agonizing than the disease; instead of the three Rs, the young boy in "Miss Plarr" receives from his tutor a few lessons in "the sound of something that stings the air." Stylishly wrought in the best tradition of the American gothic and wonderfully reminiscent of Poe and Hawthorne, these scary stories transcend their genre. and command respect. Ligotti wrote Songs of a Dead Dreamer.
Copyright 1991 Reed Business Information, Inc.

From Kirkus Reviews
High-style horror stories in a classic literary mode, in expressiveness not far from the American masters, Poe and H.P. Lovecraft. Ligotti (Songs of a Dead Dreamer, 1990) writes out of what seems an all-embracing depression, making him willing to go into wipeout areas time and again and ask a lot both of himself and his readers. His narrators seldom effect any change; they simply observe a superbly described inner state, then leave, hungover. In ``The Last Feast of Harlequin,'' a professor obsessed with clowns locates a clown festival in the midwestern town of Mirocaw. He goes to observe and join the townsfolk in their festival, perhaps wearing his clown suit. But the festival is not meant for him. In fact, it is two festivals, one within the other, the inner one being a cruel festival of freaks who are detested and beaten by members of the larger clown festival. He joins the freaks and follows them out of town and down a hole in the earth wherein they have borne their frigid Winter Queen. In a cavernous earthen hall, the freaks begin turning into huge worms, and he flees up the black wormhole by which he entered. In ``The Glamour,'' the narrator enters a weird boarded-up movie house to find himself in a sparse audience surrounded by purple lights and seated amid hairy threads that bind all to their seats as they watch a cobweb screen on which is shown grisly purple organs being operated on. He leaves before he can be imprisoned by the floating and crawling hairs. In ``The Night School,'' he enters a dark, weird schoolground where strange figures stand around misshapen metal drums in firelight; then he goes into the hideously rotting school for a bizarre class in ``measurement of cloacal forces. Time as a flow of sewage. The excrement of space, scatology of creation...'' He leaves, finding the moon ``coated with a luminous mold, the great sewers of the night.'' Thirteen tales out of a maggoty delirium.
Copyright 1991, Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved.


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