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The little girl paintings of Anne-Julie Aubry
The little girl paintings of Anne-Julie Aubry
Published by Ligeia
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The little girl paintings of Anne-Julie Aubry

The world of Anne-Julie is divided in two parts. She has a whimsical side and a dark side. Her inspiration comes from her childhood, from fairytales, from music and movies or Nature and dreams, but it also comes from her everyday life.

The Kingdom of Shadows
4 Thanks From:
candy (09-28-2008), Cyril Tourneur (11-03-2011), G. S. Carnivals (09-28-2008), Odalisque (11-26-2008)
By trieffiewiles on 09-28-2008
Re: The little girl paintings of Anne-Julie Aubry

Beautiful, thank you.
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By Odalisque on 11-26-2008
Re: The little girl paintings of Anne-Julie Aubry

I missed this thread -- I'm sure how. It came to my attention as being listed as a similar thread to the new one of Old Demon Paintings. I wonder whether that means the TLO takes little girls as similar to demons (a matter on which I would not wish to comment).

At all events, impressed by the sample painting (both weird and lovely) I thought I'd bump this thread for the benefit of anyone else who may have missed it.
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By Ligeia on 11-26-2008
Re: The little girl paintings of Anne-Julie Aubry

Thank you Pet. I love her art. I have this in my kitchen

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annejulie, aubry, girl, paintings

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