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Thomas Ligotti: A Bibliography
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Thomas Ligotti: A Bibliography
Compiled by Douglas A. Anderson
Published by Douglas A. Anderson
Associational Book

The Thomas Ligotti Reader, edited by Darrell Schweitzer
            Holicong, PA:  Wildside Press, [April 2003]  [hardcover and trade paperback]
            [Produced by print-on-demand, the earliest copies of this book have an extra essay by John Langan listed in the table of contents, but which doesn't appear in the book.  In early 2004 Wildside announced the publication (scheduled for May 2004) of a smythe-sewn hardcover editions, 100 copies signed and by Ligotti, editor Schweitzer, and cover artist Jason Van Hollander, and 26 lettered copies featuring an extra remarque by Van Hollander, but this edition does not seem to have been published.]  
            [Contains:  "Introduction" by Darrell Schweitzer;  "Thomas Ligotti's Career of Nightmares" by Matt Cardin;  "Weird Tales Talks with Thomas Ligotti" by Darrell Schweitzer;  "The Mystagogue, the Gnostic Quest, the Secret Book" by Robert M. Price;  "Nothing Is What It Seems to Be" by Stefan R. Dziemianowicz;  "Disillusionment Can Be Glamorous: an Interview with Thomas Ligotti" by E. M. Angerhuber and Thomas Wagner;  "The Transition from Literary Horror to Existential Nightmare in Thomas Ligotti's 'Nethescruial'" by Matt Cardin;  "The Dark Beauty of Unheard of Horrors" by Thomas Ligotti;  "Liminal Terror and Collective Identity in Thomas Ligotti's 'The Shadow at the Bottom of the World'" by Matt Cardin;  "Twilight Twilight Nihil Nihil:  Thomas Ligotti and the Post-Industrial English Undergound" by William Burns;  "Soft Black Star: Some Thoughts on Knowing Thomas Ligotti" by David Tibet;  "The Dream Quest of Thomas Ligotti:  a Study of In a Foreign Town, In a Foreign Land" by Ben P. Indick;  "Ligotti's Corporate Horror" by Darrell Schweitzer;  "Thomas Ligotti:  Escape from Life" by S. T. Joshi; and "A Thomas Ligotti Bibliography" by Douglas A. Anderson.]

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By matt cardin on 04-08-2005
Re: Thomas Ligotti: A Bibliography

Thanks for making this available, Brian. I have found it an invaluable resource. And thanks to Doug, too, for all the hard work. I'm thrilled to see this bibliography is now updated to the present month.
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By Michael on 11-21-2010
Re: Thomas Ligotti: A Bibliography

This is really quite excellent. Thank you for compiling this. I really appreciate your work. It's helping me a great deal in filling in the gaps in my Ligotti readings.
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By EemeliJ on 03-29-2012
Re: Thomas Ligotti: A Bibliography

Seven years have nearly passed, and quite a bit of things have happened too, considering this bibliography. I doubt if this is to be updated anytime soon; has anyone been in contact with Mr. Anderson?

Or is there perhaps some other compilation in which the more recent publications & reprints have been recorded?

Just saying, other people wondering about this?

edit: and I just stumbled onto bendk's illustrated bibliography, which seems a tad bit more fresh
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By Michael on 03-31-2012
Re: Thomas Ligotti: A Bibliography

That's a good question. I would love to see an updated version of Ligotti's bibliography regardless of who would be willing to compile it.
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By yellowish haze on 05-12-2014
Re: Thomas Ligotti: A Bibliography

What Becomes of the Body [verse, one of a series of "Three Things They Will Never Tell You"]
[Merion Station, PA]: [Jason Van Hollander], [forthcoming] [broadside]
[Illustrated in color by Jason Van Hollander; numbered and signed by the author and illustrator. Limited to 350 copies.]

What Happens to Faces [verse, one of a series of "Three Things They Will Never Tell You"]
[Merion Station, PA]: [Jason Van Hollander], [forthcoming] [broadside]
[Illustrated in color by Jason Van Hollander; numbered and signed by the author and illustrator. Limited to 350 copies.]
Dear Ligottians,

Does anyone know if this was eventually published?

I clearly remember the first title of the series "Three Things They Will Never Tell You" available for sale.

I know the contents of Teatro Grottesco from Durtro include "Things They Will Never Tell You" in the section Dead Dreams which collects the whole cycle.

Many thanks in advance for more information.
Last edited by yellowish haze; 05-13-2014 at 02:17 AM..
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By bendk on 05-13-2014
Re: Thomas Ligotti: A Bibliography

I don't mean to distract from Slawek's query, but I just noticed a few inaccuracies in the story appearances.

"Three Scientists" ["One Thousand Painful Variations Performed upon Divers Creatures
Undergoing the Treatment of Dr. Moreau, Humanist"; "The Excruciating Final
Days of Dr. Henry Jekyll, Englishman"; and "The Agonizing Resurrection of Victor Frankenstein, Citizen of Geneva", see under individual titles]

They are listed as first appearing in the Silver Scarab edition of SOADD (1985). These stories originally appeared in Grimoire #1 (1982).

Also, the Moreau story was published in the fanzine Animality (1982).
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