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Vent Haven: The Ventriloquist Dummy Museum
Published by The New Nonsense
Vent Haven: The Ventriloquist Dummy Museum

Wow. Did anyone know about this place? A ventriloquist dummy about creepy. I especially like the rumor,

"it was in an old theater, where visitors stood on stage and looked out at rows of seats filled with nothing but hundreds of staring dummies."

What a great image! If anyone is interested, here is a link about it:
Thanks From:
miguel1984 (03-22-2015)
By Dr. Locrian on 04-27-2005
Re: Vent Haven: The Ventriloquist Dummy Museum

Um... wow. Wow.

What a find. It's like the inside of a nightmare. Nothing's scarier (and more mesmerizing) to this professional ventriloquist than a room full of the little darlings. Thanks a ton for that link, Kevin.
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By Dr. Locrian on 04-27-2005
Additionally, the curator of the museum, Lisa Sweasy (who hates the supposed bad rap vent figures have received in movies like Magic), might be interested to know that my interest in ventriloquism came solely from one source: my obsessive fear of them. And, even after all these years, I'm still doing the occasional vent show (and, no, I still will not sleep in the room with my "pal", Reggie McRascal).
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By bendk on 04-28-2005
Re: Vent Haven: The Ventriloquist Dummy Museum

I never knew such a place existed. Thanks for sharing this info, New Nonsense.

The closest I got to something like that was when me and my girlfriend went to a sock monkey exhibit at the Akron Art Museum; but that was more pathos than the creeps.

I especially like the Slappy the Zombie dummy. What a great schtick!

They shouldn't tell you about a 'grinning red monkey dummy' that would fetch $30,000 on ebay and not show him to you.

Did I detect a Michael Jackson dummy? It almost looks life-like, just like him.

I have the opposite opinion of the curator of the museum about the dummy movies. I liked 'Magic' with Anthony Hopkins and I thought 'Dummy' with Adrien Brody stunk.

I heard Shari Lewis and Lamb Chops have an autobiography coming out this year. I think it is called 'I Have a Special Sock for My Hand' - but I could be wrong.
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By barrywood on 04-28-2005
Re: Vent Haven: The Ventriloquist Dummy Museum

Hi Kevin:

Yes, the site is exciting, elegant, and spooky. Even on the website, a presence hovers.

How'd ever think there'd be such a place.

My sister have me a two-foot dummy several years ago and I used to keep it in the closet of my building. Now I keep it in a wooden cabinet.

The website is interesting and thanks for sharing, Kevin.

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By bendk on 03-08-2014
Re: Vent Haven: The Ventriloquist Dummy Museum

Since Kevin posted this in 2005, some good videos on Vent Haven have been uploaded on Youtube. Here are two that I like.
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By Lord Jim on 03-08-2014
Re: Vent Haven: The Ventriloquist Dummy Museum

Vent Haven's down the street from me...
It's such a small niche, in such a small space, though we're gifted by its existence.

That second video had me thinking of it as if the HPLHS did a commercial for Vent Haven, good stuff.
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By Druidic on 03-09-2014
Re: Vent Haven: The Ventriloquist Dummy Museum

At first, they looked evil…really, really evil…but as the camera continued to travel, they began to look sad…really, really sad…and toward the end of the video, they began to look happy…really, really happy.

And I thought:

Aw, shucks. They’re just like you and me, no difference. Why can’t we all get along?

No need to go creeping around at night and slashing and carving with a big ole butcher knife.

Then I remembered only they do that.

Now…Maybe I need to rethink my position.
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By Robin Davies on 03-10-2014
Re: Vent Haven: The Ventriloquist Dummy Museum

This seems a good place to remind everyone that Dead of Night is now out on Blu-ray:
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By bendk on 07-09-2014
Re: Vent Haven: The Ventriloquist Dummy Museum

The Vent Haven Convention is next week if you want to be surrounded by grinning effigies of the uncanny.
Last edited by bendk; 07-10-2014 at 05:57 PM..
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