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Suicide Watch
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Suicide Watch
Written by Quentin S. Crisp
Published by qcrisp
Title Page

Suicide Watch
(Dedicated to Julie W.)

“My strength is withered, Vishnu, and my peace.”

The Bhagavad Gita

“I have gone to join Ken if I am that lucky.”

Kevin Carter

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cynothoglys (02-20-2013), G. S. Carnivals (09-26-2009), Mad Madison (05-10-2014), pseudonym (06-02-2010), Russell Nash (09-25-2009), Spotbowserfido2 (09-25-2009), sundog (01-21-2012), teguififthzeal (12-09-2014)
By Russell Nash on 09-25-2009
Re: Suicide Watch

I usually don't read long stories anymore. It's a sad story, indeed. Obviously, well written. It reminded me of "Martin Eden" (but very remotely), by Jack London.

The passages I found more intriguing (if this is the right word) are:

From page 2
I was trying to explain the mechanism by which the universe has refused me the possibility of ever existing.

From page 9
Normal life sickens me. Normal life is bad art. Normal life is the feeling you get when you see very clearly that the story you have been working on is unravelling in your hands, because there’s nothing to hold it together, and you are neither a genius, nor happy.

From page 35
But I am writing in a vacuum. There is no aim, no reward, and no response. The oxygen of motivation is dwindling.
[…] Today, when I look out the window, I do not feel happy. I feel alone.

From page 43
Science and religion had together brought us the worst of all worlds, in which there was no reason to survive and in which our physical chances of survival were very low…

What I didn't really understand was this passage from page 44 (almost at the end of the story): "Finally, I asked her to promise me not to kill herself." Why is it that he even cares about what was happening to her? This idea, I didn't understand.

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By LittleJoeRodgers on 12-09-2014
Re: Suicide Watch

I loved this story very much, and it affected me greatly. I read it at work while operating a boring machine, I thought about it while driving home today.
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