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The Last Balcony
The Last Balcony
Published by Nemonymous
The Last Balcony

7 Thanks From:
candy (10-28-2009), Dr. Bantham (10-27-2009), G. S. Carnivals (10-27-2009), Halloween Harlequin (10-27-2009), Mr. D. (09-25-2010), Spotbowserfido2 (10-27-2009), yellowish haze (10-27-2009)
By Halloween Harlequin on 10-27-2009
Thumbs up Re: The Last Balcony

This story is Weird because of the vagueness of identity as seen both in the reader and the characters of the book.

Persona is the mask that an author puts on for a particular purpose. A series of personae can be seen in Browning’s Dramatis Personae (1855), poems written from the perspective of different dramatic characters. Ezra Pound expressed this “otherness” as catching “a character he happened to be interested in at the moment that interested him, usually a moment of song, self-analysis or sudden understanding or revelation.”

“Horror is the removal of masks.” - Robert Bloch.

- Or perhaps, better still, simply throwing the book over the last balcony.
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