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Piotr Dumała's "destructive animations"

Dumała's animations should appeal to members of this forum. I for one would wish to see him adapt any of TL's stories.

Here is a short info from wiki on this amazing artist:

"Piotr Dumała (born 9 July, 1956 in Warsaw) is a Polish film director and animator. His animation technique is original and fascinating, among the most interesting of the last 30 years. While training to be a sculptor, he discovered that scratching images into painted plaster could be a beautiful way to create animations. This is only one technique of a method called destructive animation, where one image is erased (in this case, painted over) and re-drawn to create the next frame in the sequence. William Kentridge is another artist who works in this destructive way. Dumala's main themes, and the way to show them, recall ostensibly the world of writer Franz Kafka."

More about Dumała's techinques:
"He places plasterboard painted in black under the camera. Each phase of movement is engraved with thin needles. He scratches the paint and thus obtains white lines and hatches on the dark background. Each drawing has a very high graphic value. However, after being recorded, every drawing is repainted with black paint so that they live shorter than a drawing made by a finger on a steamy window. His work has placed him among the greatest creators who have improved the technique of animation with original innovations."

A couple of films available on the internet:

Crime and Punishment (2000)
(an absolute must see!)

Franz Kafka (1992)

Walls (1988)

Some of Dumala's drawings:
More about Dumała:
Polish culture: Piotr DumaƂa
Beyond Good and Evil: Piotr Dumala's Crime and Punishment

"In my imagination, I have a small apartment in a small town where I live alone and gaze through a window at a wintry landscape." -- TL
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Re: Piotr Dumała's "destructive animations"

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destructive animations, dumaand#322a, piotr

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