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Splatterhouse 2010

Not so much a Ligottian game this but it's the first decent horror-themed video game I recall from way back in the dark days of the 1980s redone for a new generation. I think I know how I'm spending Christmas now

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hypnogeist (11-25-2010), simon p. murphy (12-09-2010)
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simon p. murphy
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Re: Splatterhouse 2010

Thanks, will have to check this out. There is a serious dearth of genuinely frightening games. My friend insisted that Alan Wake was the most disturbing psychological thriller he had encountered in gaming. It was a far cry from scary, and was more funny than suspenseful. As a long-time fan of Resident Evil, I also grieve at the recent trend of making zombies in movies and games fast. The thing I love about slow-moving, ponderous horrors is that they prep you to run - gearing to fight for life isn't horrifying so much as it is vivifying, like base-jumping or sky-diving (or so I imagine).

Still hanging out for a real Cthulhu game!

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Jonathan Dread (12-09-2010)
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Jonathan Dread
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Re: Splatterhouse 2010

I agree, sadly there are too few games that really draw you in using atmosphere, suspense and a feeling of slow burning panic. Unfortunately many rely on relentless combat with a smorgasbord of weapons. Don’t get me wrong, I love unleashing a relentless hail of laser-guided bullets as much as the next person, but it’s much more compelling when some vaguely human, rotting obscenity is shuffling towards you and it dawns on you that you only have a revolver with one bullet and a knife left…mind you, the lead piping over there looks like it could do some serious damage…

I heard the Silent Hill games were very good at this, though unfortunately I have never played them. The Resident Evil series was great at slowly pulling you in with the atmosphere and music creating a real sense of dread and creeping horror. I particularly enjoyed Resident Evil 4, nothing says sinister like an underground cult. It had something of a “Wicker Man” feel about it for me.

I know I’ve babbled in childlike excitement about it before, but if you genuinely want to be scared so that you are practically sobbing with terror at what might come around the next corner, then Dead Space is an excellent game. You can probably pick it up very cheaply in the pre-owned section of most games stores. Dead Space 2 comes out at the end of January 2011 and I plan to have my grubby hands on it as soon as possible.

Some may question what I find enjoyable; it would appear my idea of fun is being scared until the frayed ends of my sanity are flapping helplessly in a soul-wrenching scream of anguish. Now that I think about it, I’m surprised that description of me didn’t get more positive responses when I went Speed Dating some years ago….

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G. S. Carnivals (12-09-2010), simon p. murphy (12-10-2010)


2010, splatterhouse

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