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The Blue Wisp
The Blue Wisp
Gray House
Published by Gray House
The Blue Wisp


Was Edward's concern creating concerns, or vice versa? That was what he meant to discover, this not by self analysis, which seemed unlikely to provide lasting conviction about whether or not he really was being watched. No, the conclusive answer lay outside of himself. He determined he must find it. However, if the answer was in the negative, there would be nothing to find, and nothing to convince him, nothing to provide the conviction he sought. So, while he was in horror of the possibility that his feelings of being watched were not solely feelings, a part of him hoped that he was indeed being watched, for only by discovering the affirmative would his dreadful quandary be resolved—though replaced by crisis.

With the passing of significantly uneventful time, his hope for, and simultaneous dread of, falsity in his perceptions of being watched intensified. He hoped to be spared a crisis stemming from concrete awareness of a watcher, or watchers; and he dreaded indefinite continuance of his unresolved unnerving suspicions.

After going back and forth many times on the idea, he decided with finality to visit a doctor, of a sort.


Edward was sitting before the doctor, the doctor looking down at him from a chair greatly taller than Edward's (by design, Edward was sure), behind a tall desk. The doctor slid a glass of water and a pill toward Edward across the desk. “Take that.” Edward did. “Good. Close your eyes.” Edward did. “Good. Now... There is no hypnosis involved here. This is not a moving inward. It is a moving outward, of a sort. Now enter the hallway. I know we have discussed no such place but I'm sure you know of it at this point, or else you soon will. I believe you will find your answers there. You will be shown the answers, be you willing or not. There is no choice anymore.”

Edward thought ice water was being poured over his brain. Oddly, this was an intellectual thought. He thought there were no nerves in the brain. He felt physically no different.

He stepped out of the stream of freezing water, and into the hallway.

The hallway had a white floor and white ceiling, dark blue walls, dimly lit by no discernible source. He could not be sure, but the ends of the hallway seemed to be narrower and the ceiling lower than could be accounted for only by the laws of perspective applied to a uniform hallway.

Both ends were dead ends. At one end something was on the floor. Edward walked toward it.

It was revealed to be, from a closer vantage, an imp, or perhaps a tiny ghoul, sitting on the floor, legs splayed. It was very ugly but its expression seemed to be holding its version of a benign smile.

“How can I help you?” it croaked.

“I would like to know if there has been some unseen force keeping me under surveillance,” Edward said, politely.

“Why do you want to know?”

“I am afraid.”

“I can do nothing about the hidden cameras in your home, or the intelligent creatures under your couch, and peering in the windows, and watching you from rooftops as you go from place to place. However, I can fix your problem.” The imp held out its hand. “Take my hand.”

Edward did. It was cold and glassy smooth. The imp let go, curled its hand into a fist, raised it above its head, and uncurled it, releasing a wisp of blue that went twisting upward, rippling and making loops, and abruptly darted to one side, disappearing into the identically colored wall.

“Your fears, in their entirety, have left you,” croaked the imp, before leaping to its feet and leaping and hopping down the hallway and throwing itself upon the floor at the other end. Edward walked in that direction. Upon reaching the hallway's midpoint, where he had first appeared, he found himself back in the chair in the doctor's office. The doctor was looking at him, displaying a perfect poker face. Edward felt annoyed and jealous about the imp's ability to traverse the entire length of the hallway. There was a view of it in the hallway in his head, in miniature. It was doing flips and racing back and forth, but somehow approaching no nearer the doctor's office.

But Edward's annoyance did not last. He felt an unprecedented sense of ease. He felt elated.

The doctor said, “Well, I trust your matter has been resolved. Now my fee please, and you'll be on your way.”

Edward thought he detected an edge in the doctor's voice, and a slight tremor. Nervous, afraid? Of Edward?

Edward laughed and left the doctor's office without paying. He crossed the street outside without looking either way.
2 Thanks From:
Dr. Bantham (05-26-2012), Siderealpress (05-26-2012)
By Gray House on 05-25-2012
Re: The Blue Wisp

To anyone who liked this or my other prose in the repository, a flash fiction of mine can be read here: MicroHorror The Visitor
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