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Robert Adam Gilmour
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Re: New "Silent Hill" videogame

Even the original team changed significantly. Sato left after 2 and that changed the look quite a lot.
With 3, Yamaoka stopped trying to milk the extremely specific sound of the first two (I have all but two of the soundtracks). I cant blame him because I think he probably hit a brick wall and wanted to try other things but nothing beats those first two soundtracks.

Although the second game is far better conceived and executed, I still prefer the first game; the backstory about what was happening in the small hospital room is pretty horrifying and I really love the location designs.

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Re: New "Silent Hill" videogame

I agree that SH 2 and 1 were the best in the series, but I also liked 3 and 4 (esp. the claustrophobia of 4). I even liked playing SH Origins on my PSP, but perhaps what remains most memorable about that game is the place where I played it: in a building overtaken by insects; living alone there and largely in darkness. Playing felt like entering the cellar just beneath my life.

Then again, I also liked Rule of Rose, Fatal Frame, Clocktower and Eternal Darkness.

I miss the intensities of passive nihilism in older survival horror games; the somber machinery of self-negation. Everything led you downward -- toward spiritual annihilation or the kind of disillusioning zoetrope that believers mistake for eternal life.

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silent hill, videogame

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