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??? Run Wrake -...
??? Santerineross'...
??? Hugh Laurie as...
??? DEATH IN JUNE -...
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Recently Added Videos
07-03-2014 12:14 PM by Mad Madison Animation
3:42Tom Waits - Poor...
A stop-motion music-video I made for the song "Poor Edward" by Tom Waits from the album "Alice". Thanks everyone for watching and commenting! -Lucas van Leiden (
Rating: 0
Views (2)
Tags: None...
06-19-2014 02:43 PM by Mad Madison Short Films
3:49Faust - 1994 - Jan...
Faust (1994) Directed by Jan Svankmajer Writing credits (in alphabetical order) Johann Wolfgang Goethe play Christian Dietrich Grabbe novel Christopher Marlowe play "The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus"
Rating: 0
Tags: None...
06-13-2014 07:55 PM by Mad Madison Short Films
10:00Jan Švankmajer -...
Also known as The Coffin Factory and The Lych House.
Rating: 0
Tags: None...
06-13-2014 07:29 PM by Mad Madison Short Films
10:06Jan Švankmajer -...
The Ossuary by Jan Švankmajer
Rating: 0
Tags: None...

Top Rated Videos
10-01-2008 07:38 AM by Cyril Tourneur Animation
???Run Wrake -...
Run Wrake - Animation - Rabbit 2005
Rating: 5.00
Views (1)
Tags: None...
10-01-2008 08:18 AM by Cyril Tourneur Short Films
A disturbingly beautiful look into the mind of a "cutter". Filmed in the style that has made John Santerineross famous, this short art film captures the essence of one of his new images and brings it to life. A young girl shows the inspiration she finds in her somewhat bizarre ritual and shares with us the beauty in an act that most would consider disquieting. Accompanied by wordless song, John's first film is sure to fascinate viewers with the same haunting aesthetic that has made gazing at his photographic images an unforgettable experience.Directed by: John Santerineross Girl played by: Priscilla Sanguinarian performance by: Storm Camera operator: Xavier Rodriguez Key Grip: Andrew Bellware Stage Manager: Heather Eve
Rating: 5.00
Views (1)
Tags: None...
10-01-2008 10:23 AM by Cyril Tourneur General
???Hugh Laurie as...
A Bit of Fry and Laurie S02E02 haahhaahahah....this is absolutely funny
Rating: 5.00
Tags: None...
10-01-2008 01:30 PM by Ligeia Music
Love this song.
Rating: 5.00
Tags: None...

Most Popular Videos
10-21-2010 10:40 PM by Dr. Bantham Music
???Simon Bonney - Eyes...
Simon Bonney - Eyes Of Blue My God - I am undone in the sight of your creation.
Rating: 0
Tags: None...
05-10-2010 12:09 AM by Sam Music
???The Flesh Eaters -...
The Flesh Eaters were an amazing band, born of the LA punk scene back when punk meant aggressively different, not just blandly aggressive. Their first few albums are pure gold; this song is from "Forever Came Today (", released on band leader Chris D.'s own Ruby Records in 1982. This album has never been reissued on CD, and the original vinyl is somewhat rare. (I paid $45 for my copy this year.) Still, if you look around the web with a vigilant eye, you can probably find a download of it here or there. (Maybe try Googling "the flesh eaters forever came today mp3" or something.) This, along with "A Minute To...
Rating: 0
Tags: None...
12-12-2009 11:32 PM by Dr. Bantham Music
4:29Cheap Trick -...
Cheap Trick - Surrender - from "Midnight Special"
Rating: 0
07-25-2010 11:12 PM by Dr. Bantham Music
???Hamsta Rap
2010 Kia Soul Hamster Commercial | Black Sheep Kia Hamsters Video
Rating: 0
Tags: None...

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