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Our enterprise is now thriving in a tough, global marketplace and has taken on a life all its own. If you are a committed, focused individual with a hunger to be part of something far greater than yourself... our door is now open. Your life need not be a nightmare of failure and resentment. Join us. Outstanding benefits.

On February 4th of 1997, Jon Padgett (Dr. Locrian) unleashed a horrific vision upon this world. THOMAS LIGOTTI ONLINE was created to champion the greatest living horror/weird fiction writer. For many years, Jon functioned as the sole webmaster for TLO. His selfless initiative and relentless effort to bring the Ligottian world to those of us receptive - yet hidden within the mindless masses - has undoubtedly introduced countless readers to the work of Thomas Ligotti.

After observing hosting issues and what author Matt Cardin referred to as a general state of quiescence, Brian Poe (Dr. Bantham) contacted Jon Padgett on April 18 of 2004 with an offer to host the site and collaborate on content effort. An immediate friendship was struck and the two continue to helm TLO as Co-Conspirators. Since this time, TLO has progressed into an online community of members working as a collective entity to provide dynamic content related to both Thomas Ligotti as well as kindred interests.

It is important to note that while all copyright-related content is presented with the permission of Thomas Ligotti, TLO was created upon the solitary actions of Jon Padgett and continues to exist independent of the direction or promotion of Thomas Ligotti. This stands as a testament to both the site and the writer to maintain purity of separation while remaining sympathetic organisms.

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