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Entry Five
Entry Five
Published by Nemonymous
Entry Five

Entry Four HERE.


These are five entry doors from which to choose for anyone seeking a reality where death is fictitious.

The first entry, as you can see, bears the symbol of a frothing tankard of real ale, the second some art by William Blake infiltrated by a Lovecraftian monster, the third a thumbnail you may recognise as a Midnight Child with a large ligottum around its neck, the fourth a photograph of someone you will definitely recognise as the new President being sworn into office by a skilful interlocutor, the fifth a written notice that starts by explaining the purpose of the overall choice.

The notice does not explain the basis of choice or that there is only the single chance of choosing with never being able to open or close any door again. But it does randomly describe what the four wrong choices of entry happen to contain, i.e.:-

Cash salted away as a prize for finding a reality that is fictitious.
A fine-tuned String Quartet playing endlessly late Beethoven with any listener caught up by the music never being able to find any death, let alone a fictitious one.
An intimacy as a means of becoming an entry yourself.
The wording of an oath you will be made to swear voiding retrospectively that very oath.

You obviously chose Entry Five. The door opening made the notice become fictitious or at least vanish behind it.


Edit 29.1.09: Entry Six HERE.

7 Thanks From:
Andrea Bonazzi (02-17-2009), candy (01-28-2009), Daisy (01-28-2009), G. S. Carnivals (01-28-2009), hopfrog (01-29-2009), Spotbowserfido2 (02-15-2009), yellowish haze (10-09-2010)
By Nemonymous on 01-30-2009
Re: Entry Five

The Pit and the Pessimum


This diary regarding a few days in January 2009 surrounding Obama's oath-taking & the credit crunch is now complete:

Entry One:

Entry Two:

Entry Three:

Entry Four:

Entry Five: This thread

Entry Six:

Entry Seven:

Entry Eight:
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By Pinecone on 02-15-2009
Re: Entry Five

man-oba otha rong . . . purposefully reciprocity ofr errows slung 2ward former onher-er fo otha eloquent one, not-so-much-so-oba.
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By Spotbowserfido2 on 02-15-2009
Re: Entry Five

It is often thought that the acorn falls near the tree. Can the same be said for pinecones?
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By Odalisque on 02-16-2009
Re: Entry Five

Quote Originally Posted by Spotbowserfido2 View Post
It is often thought that the acorn falls near the tree. Can the same be said for pinecones?
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By Pinecone on 02-17-2009
Re: Entry Five

Unless . . . its windy. ;)
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By Pinecone on 02-17-2009
Re: Entry Five

Why, it blew the apostrophe right off now, didn't it?
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